Playlist: Collaboration is the New Competition


We have a philosophy at RWN by Rawan. It’s a simple, yet powerful one. We believe that women supporting other women is pure magic! Collaboration really is the new competition.

So every chance we get we take pride in working with, promoting and and seeking out - completely bad ass women who are making a difference. In fact you’ll be seeing a lot of them on our blog and social and newsletter - and really just everywhere that RWN by Rawan is.

We thought what would be the perfect song that we could listen to when creating exceptional work with other women? And we just couldn’t decide - so instead we put together a new playlist. Because - Yonce was right - We Run the World.

At RWN by Rawan, we want to hear stories of exceptional, bad ass women taking over the world. So let us know on our social who you thought of when you listened to these songs!


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